Nordic Invest Group since already a regional company, cannot only recruit manpower from Albania but also from Kosovo and Macedonia. Nordic Invest Group offers services in the field of Human Resource Management as:
Headhunting and Executive Search
Recruitment and Recruitment Express
Career Coaching to Universities and Professionals
Customized Training and Development Workshops and Training
Human Resources Information Systems
HR Outsourcing and Consultancy Services

but also preparation, prior training, recognition with disciplines and labor regulations, providing technical and normative obligations of the law and the code of labor legislation in force recognition, before contracting work contingent on site. Training and performance evaluation while working is one of the success key of recruitment service we already offer by providing customized training and development services to employees of different levels and specific areas.

We are Careful not to Waste your time or resources. Our Strategic Ability and Knowledge of the local and regional market allows us to Narrow the field down to a short list of Candidates , this considerably shortens cycle times in the search process. At NIG, we Consider Human Resources or a crucial element in Developing a Successful and Competitive Business, because it allows them Increase productivity through better use of Their Human Capital.

Our HR Management Consulting Services are designed to help Businesses Improve Organizational Activities, employee productivity and Administration. We are Dedicated to Providing the Best Possible solutions to ALL OUR Clients looking for Opportunities to Develop and advance their professional careers. NIG is quickly becoming an established leader in the Human Resources industry. Standards service, accuracy and confidentiality are basic codes of ethics where we rely on.

  • Human Resources Consulting – Assessments,
  • Training, remuneration study & management,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Post – M&A integration, and
  • Benefits analysis that help you develop human capital.