240 Ha Resort Development

240 Ha Resort Development
Novoselë, Vlora

Nordic Invest Group owns a land plot of 240 hectares along the Albanian coastline in the commune of Novoselë

The land has more than two kilometers of coastline with sandy beaches which includes a lake, forest and brushwood zone. Novoselë is located approximately 120 kilometers to the south of Tirana and some 12 kilometers from the city of Vlorë.

An urban development plan for the area between the Vjosa river and Pomping Station (Hidrovore (Novoselë commune)) has been conducted and the functional zoning plan has been approved by the district authorities, the responsible Ministries as well as the government of the Republic of Albania. The plot of land is situated in this area

As part of the already prepared urban plan the resort will include different elements like hotels, villas, shopping facilities, an aqua park, golf course, etc.

The plot of land in Novoselë designated for tourism development is located in Vlorë District. The district has a land area of 1.609 square kilometers and a population of 147.000 people. It consists of 13 communes – Novoselë being one of them.

Vlorë District has a typical Mediterranean climate with cool wet winters and hot, dry summers with the possibility that temperatures can exceed 35 degree centigrade.

The average daily high temperature reaches 30 degrees in the summer months of July and August, while January is the coldest months with an average daily high temperature of 13 degrees. The precipitation is generally very low in the summer time but can exceed 200 millimeters in the winter months.