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Apartments for sale in Mediterranean coastline!

Apartments for sale in Mediterranean coastline!

Description of the building

  • The land where the building is being constructed is 2.400 sqm and the company that has the building permission from the Municipality of Saranda, is “FIVE STARS Construction”.
  • The land is situated in the most favorable area of the city of Saranda, just 50 meters from the beach and right next to the famous 5 star Hotel Butrinti. It is too close to the main boulevard that walks along the bay, an area with bars and restaurants for coffees, snack, dinners and relax
  • The building has two front facades, the first is oriented south-southwest, with a view from the Gulf of Saranda and the second is oriented south-southeast, with a view from the Corfu Channel.
  • The building has two secondary roads passing in the two sides of it and is close to the main entry road of Saranda and the main boulevard as well.
  • The building will have approximately 120 apartments, divided in three sections , each with dedicated entrance. It will have 10 floors in total, of which 2 underground floors for parking, the ground floor for shops & services and 7 floors for residential apartments.
  • 80% of the apartments are with sea view alternated 1+1 and 2+1 with the possibility of parking, which makes them very attractive for the possible buyers.

Specification of the apartments

  • All apartments have spacey terraces, most overlooking the sea. They are spacious in length and height (ranging from 1,8 -2,4 m wide and 2,5 m in length) allowing full natural light entrance.
  • The magnificent views of the city, bay and sea are maximized by some design details
  1. a ceiling-top glass doors with high quality aluminum frames that provide high performance in terms of security, energy efficiency, and durability
  • terrace railings combined with a metallic and glass structure,

both providing the opportunity to sit in your living room and still enjoy the view.

  • Electrical and hydraulic appliances provided for all apartments are qualitative in compliance to the European standards
  • All apartments have a central heating provided by the cooling & heating system multi-split, which is included in the sell price
  • External facades will be partially ventilated and will have a high efficacy in energy saving