Agriculture & Tourism

Agriculture & Tourism


We offer vertically integrated agrarian sustainable development that will privilege the implementation of clean production, no waste technology, best available technology (BAT) and best environmental practice (BEP), without compromising the possibilities of large revenues and profits.

Our goal is to provide guidance consultancy in sustainable agriculture development in order to increase production to optimum better fulfill the needs of our country which has a great potential, as well as the region. Albania with its climatic conditions, geographical position and the old tradition in the cultivation of vegetables and potatoes, has potential for the cultivation of over 60 vegetable species. Currently, over 30 such cultivated and trend to increase the number of species is increasing. Last years there is a significantly increased of planted area with fruit trees, olive trees, citrus, vineyard, etc. and irrigation services, processing, but there is still lack of organization of cooperatives of producers in the Agricultural Albanian System.

NIG has offered consulence to various agricultural project and the biggest in Albania, a mixed agriculture and horticultural business, based on local practices and hi-tech imported Scandinavian technologies complemented with the most advanced management and productive systems in Europe. Offered our services to FRUPOR SA to develop a modern 1000 Ha agricultural farm in Albania, under the norwegian big investors as for an investment of 20 million EURO starting. For this project we established a company in Albania, “Farm ALBANIA” SH.PK, and NORDIC INVEST GROUP has 20% of shares, working for a concession in the agricultural project located in Fier, south of Albania.

Farm is mainly focused on manufacturing and exporting of vegetables and ornamental plants, virtually a green plant. This project and many others have given us the opportunity to build a growth strategy on export opportunities and support the management of this development, organization of production and distribution of agricultural products and facilities in the device market, organization of cooperatives of producers who trade their own products, in support of standards CMO (Common Market Organisation). We are present in the market in the field of agriculture by having contacts and contracts with various farmers, who cultivate the essence oils, dried plants and medicinal plants and export about 1000 -1500 kg. / year and especially oil sage with annual demand from 1000 – 1200 kg. / year to France, Spain, Switzerland and finally to America.

We offer also consulence on livestock farming and processing of the animal food.

The choose to this specific cattle family lies on the fact that it should generate a breed that guarantees high standards in meat production (thought quick growth and advanced slaughtering) maintaining excellent bromatologic and organoleptic qualities, as well as adaption to pasture breeding and good maternal attitude. The introduction of this breed is an innovation itself but apart that it can create the conditions for proccesing of the meat for the company needs. The geografical position of Farming livestock we suggest is very favorable, just 40 Km from Durres Port and a dense population as a chance for labour force. We can provide more info on any specific investment on livestock farms and activities.

Our main focus in agriculture includes the following fields:

From the social point of view, NIG has as philosophy Confucius’ maxim: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime”; and it also follows the Human Habitat principles developed under a holistic vision of the social tissue based on the balance between the individual human being, society, economy and environment, in which a solidarian and participatory economy is the engine for a sustainable development, and education and environment are the axis of a more equal and fair society and therefore the determining factor for a sustainable peace.

With regards to its employees and the emerging community, NIG will aim for and provide European social standards involving:

Social and medical security
Living and working conditions
Individual and communitarian security
Education and training
Land ownership
Self-sufficient community
In relation to the environment, NIG aims for a sustainable environment based on sustainable development as stated in the Brundtland Report and defined as: “Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” In this context, NIG adopts the following international acts as guidelines regarding the environment: the Rio Declaration as global principles on sustainable environment, the Agenda 21 as global parameters for sustainable environment and the Kyoto Protocol as a tool to a proactive approach.
The three main principles supporting the environmental issue are reduction, conservation and maintenance, and their focus is:
Reducing the use of energy sources, depletion of mineral resources, use of water resources and use of land.
Conserving natural areas and bio-diversity.
Maintaining the quality of the built environment and management of healthy environment.
Projects in agriculture have a unique approach focusing on social and environmental sustainable development. The projects have a strong approach to social and environmental, which opens opportunities for international and local funding, and eligible for international markets. Albanian Government strongly supports the development of our projects.
The following strategic action programs will be implemented in a short-term basis:
Preparation of a comprehensive business plan based on the existing ones.
Develop contacts with European countries representatives to raise international cooperation funds.
Develop contacts with private and institutional investors to raise Venture Capital.
Develop and implement development plans.


Tourism is of the most promising emerging market opportunities- early stage.
Our Mission is to procure the best coastal areas for development of beach resorts for the western market, as well as conduct investors to buy and develop land for development of business and residential Prime Tirana locations. We work in close partnership with the best local banks and developers.

Our Strategy

Buy and develop prime location in Tirana for business and residential. Target international business and higher middle class locals.
Buy and develop regulated coastal areas/first row. Target western buyers.
Land banking of unregulated coastal areas with high potential.
Invite professional local partners to take part in the project/co-invest.
Ally with Norwegian Corporate Finance Broker for establishing Funds for the biggest projects.
Establish partnership with big international real estate brokers for sale focus Scandinavia, UK and Ireland.

Property market in Albania

Growing middle class with buying power
Shortage of modern apartment
Emerging loan and credit opportunities
Increasing expatriate market
Albanians outside Albania invests in their home country
Increasing international business representation; Vodafone etc.
International Tourism in its early beginning

Why Albania?

  • Open Nation since 1992
  • Stable democracy- at the moment right wing government
  • One of the most western oriented nations at Balkan
  • High economic growth at approximately 5 % yearly growth rate
  • Low inflation- 2010 estimate- 3.4 %, the third in region, after Serbia (6.58%) and Turkey (6.53%)
  • EU, NATO, World Bank og US protects and give active support- EU & co to invest  10 billion Euro the coming  2 years
  • Roadmap to  EU- 2018-2020?
  • Price level pt at a level of  1/3- 1/4 of Montenegro
  • Tirana have seen a 100 % price increase over the last 2 years
  • Market increase in the Baltic and Balkan have been at  20-60 % per year
  • Albania slightly bigger risk mainly because of corruption
  • Nevertheless ”safe streets”
  • Risk can be reduced by close and good local partnerships
  • Foreigners can own property direct, no transaction tax, low taxation and emerging  loan access in international local banks
  • New modern airport and increasing international traffic (BA, Austrian, Lufthansa)
  • Low living cost and price level on food and drink
  • A marvellous nature with wild mountains, vivid city life and not least mediteraanian climate
  • Several unique culture sights f.ex Butrint Roman and Hellenic Cultura heritage Monument  (At Unesco’s list)
  • ….and  a friendly and welcoming people